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Queen's Promenade

29m x 5m + 8m x 8m

7 colours

10 days installation across 2 murals

Commissioned by the Queen's Promenade Friends group, we transformed the long forgotten walls of the local yacht club building into a bright, welcoming message at the beginning of the promenade. Celebrating the vibrant gardens and local community.

QP birds.png
QP Boat.png

Queen’s Promenade Friends had a fantastic experience with Sunnie and Harriet of Ninety-five Prints. We commissioned them for a mural on 3 walls of a yacht club building in a very public area.


Their design was inspirational and full of flair, their work thoroughly professional and high quality. Both are wonderful artists and great fun to work with. Highly recommended.
Stefan Gross (Chair, Queen’s Promenade Friends)

2023-05-23 (168) QPF riverside mural.jpg

London River Yacht Club

As part of this project we were commissioned to refresh the side wall of the yacht club by their entrance. Taking away a rusty old sign and replacing it with a unique hand painted logo.

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