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We are studioA

We've got your back

We're a close-knit team, passionate about our work and we don't stop until we've delivered something awesome we're all proud of.

Who we are

We're a small dedicated creative studio, but what does that mean?

It means we deliver agency-quality work and creative problem-solving - all as part of your team, taking you through every step of a project, making sure we deliver to boost your brand. We love that each project is a chance for us to build lifelong relationships.

Our team has helped clients start new businesses, reach new customers, raise money and awareness, launch events and so much more. How can we help you?

Illustration of studioA characters. One holding a giant glue tube, the other a giant ruler.

Work as a team

Working with us means you get our full team of creatives dedicated to your brand. We pride ourselves on our communication, dedication and attention to detail.

Lookin' good

Making you look good — that’s what we’re all about.

Combining our expertise in branding, illustration, design and social strategy we help you tell your story and create fresh beautiful designs to get you noticed.

2 is better than 1

At studioA we work on everything together, blending our styles, skills and ideas to create killer designs. We make everything a team sport and have done from the beginning. Working with us means getting to know each other, and always being in it together.


We’re proud to be a part of so many amazing communities through our work and outside the office too. We are always looking for ways to promote incredible work, support people and causes close to our heart and develop future talent.

Our founders

Having crossed paths on a few projects, we decided to go it alone. Six years later we have built a team of dedicated creatives and forged partnerships that will last a lifetime. By creating studioA we have been able to focus on our clients from start to finish and we've loved every minute.

We bring our years of experience to every client. Harriet runs our creative teams with a dedication only she can bring, with an eye for fresh creative and elegant solutions, and commitment to perfection down to the last pixel.

Sunnie’s years of experience in media and print means no step is missed in a project. Building the right team, she guides us all through the process, committed to bringing every point of view together to create one-of-a-kind work that we all want to share and of which we can be proud.

Photo of studio founder 1
Photo of studio founder 2

Looking to kick-start your idea? Say hi!

Illustrations of 3 studio characters holding a flag and a megaphone.
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