Zemedy App

Building the voice of the future of CBT treatment
with Bold Health

Branding & Illustration

Changing the way IBS is seen and treated, Zemedy is the new smart little app from Bold Health that aims to find effective ways to ease stress and anxiety through behavioural therapies.  

To help find the right voice for Zemedy to speak to its future audience, we designed a friendly, kind and approachable branding that can enable Zemedy to grow to be a part of its users’ everyday lives.

A friendly identity

While the app, and the market, focus on the pain and stress that’s so prevalent in the day-to-day lives of IBS sufferers, our strategy was inspired by the calming, self-reflection aspects of the app.

The identity included in-app chat and tutorial designs, a warm embracing logo and colour palette, and a bespoke illustrated world of characters, guides and easy, clear and welcoming information design.

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