Stay home


Self-initiated illustration project for the #StayHome campaign

#StayHomeSaveLives. An important instruction to follow, but not always an easy one. We created this series of illustrations to help spread this key message with a few tips from our own experience. Partnering with our good friend Dr Lucy Oldfield to illustrate our top tips to be a mental health S-O-L-V-E-R during lockdown.

Stay Home_4.jpg
Stay Home_6.jpg
Stay Home_10.jpg
Stay Home_8.jpg
Stay Home-15.jpg

Stay SOCIAL, any way you can

Be OPEN hearted, we're all in this together

LIMIT your intake of news

Be VALUE driven, not activity driven

EXERCISE, it just means move, have fun with it!

REACH out, to those who need it and those who can help

Lady sitting-01.png
Stay Home Squarejpg-20.jpg
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Stay Home Square-34.jpg
Stay Home Squarejpg-29.jpg
Stay Home Square-35.jpg

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