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Immersive event design for Secret Cinema presents; The Empire Strikes Back

Event design


One of Secret Cinema's biggest productions - The Empire Strikes Back immersive experience lasted over 4 months, involved 4 locations, hundreds of characters and missions. With the biggest build up to any previous show audiences were had access to a previously unexplored part of the story with details of the secret locations and missions, bespoke identities, costumes and stories. 

We had the incredible experience of creating these visual stories and developing ways to share these worlds with the audience.

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Building a story

For months prior to landing in the world of the Empire, audience members were given a full identity as part of the Rebel X Alliance, united with other rebels through online missions, secret launch events and messages. By branding Rebel X and its messaging we were able to communicate with audience members, teasing events and 'giveaway missions through separate social channels. The first wave of Rebel X communication built up to a secret launch for the show on May 4th, gathering the first limited audience for a unique event that saw the rebel alliance take over Alexandra Palace.

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Branding the worlds

As one of Secret Cinema's biggest productions, The Empire Strikes back took audiences through a secret Rebel X base and spacecraft to the planet of Tatooine and onboard an Imperial Star Destroyer. Throughout these worlds attention to detail was key to create a full immersive experience, and alongside the set team we created everything from Tatooine Pawn shop signs and droid sale poster to empire wanted posters and ship maintenance manuals. It was also key to continue on the Rebel X style our audience had been communicating with, providing them with everything they needed to become part of the world the event had created.

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