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Branding & Animation

Witchery Pictures

Cinematic branding for indie production company - branding case study.

Case study

We met with the amazing duo at the head of Witchery Pictures in 2018 and discussed their plans, ideas and aims for WP. Listening to all of their ideas for being seen in a huge market as something just a little different. A team with an edge, and most importantly a team focused on the stories at the heart of their work

It was a message we related to 100% - and storytelling was the chord that struck with us the most, and so we started drafting ideas...

W Squares 1.jpg
Friday witchery 2.jpg

The starting point for this project came from our clients - "Make the word 'Witchery' a positive one, while still exploring traditional imagery associated with fairytale storytelling"

We felt starting with illustration and hand drawn imagery would help us connect with the subject and bring an honesty and character to the imagery.

W circle longong.jpg
Circle square 3.png
circle square 1.png
Circle square 2.png
Word logo.png

The second stage involved simplifying the imagery we'd explored through illustration. Removing the creature elements and focusing on the magic of the lettering and shapes.

We also began to focus on a sense of movement - reflecting the spontaneity and mystery Witchery look for in their stories.

Friday witchery.jpg

The final brand

After rounds of design, and industry and competitor research, we developed a brand vision for Witchery Pictures that shows them as a company focused on craft. Focused on the art of storytelling, and a company that will boost your story over their own.

Choosing a subtler and softer image compared to most brands in the industry we felt represented the fierce independence of its founders, and their passion for the work.

The branding is also built with the room to expand and fluidity to adapt to the different spaces and projects Witchery will be involved in for years to come.

Final full logo.png
Wild Forest
transparent ogo.png

We have continued to partner with Witchery Pictures as they have expanded and become an established force in the industry. Working with them to build their online presence and messaging in line with the brand we created together.

Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 16.05.20.png
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