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Web UX / UI


Website and UX/UI design for the gamerdating team to transition their world leading site to a fully functioning web app, adding character and depth with bespoke illustrations.

For Gamers By Gamers

Made for gamers by gamers, Gamerdating is the No.1 dating site for gamers, created to help members find love, giving them a way to find the person behind the avatar and a place to do what they love together.

We've worked with the amazing AlphaGG in 2019, coming on board to help transition this incredible site to a full web application, redesigning and developing all areas of the platform to improve its functionality and design as a web app. 


This project gave us the great opportunity to work the Gamerdating's amazing team and members to enhance a site we and so many others already love.

The project included site UX/UI redesign, focusing on ease of functionality and immersing users into the whole Gamerdating platform and everything it offers, as well as developing key graphics and characters to fit the world.

Gamerdating Thumb.jpg
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