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Causeway Solutions

Illustration and animation for the leaders in construction software solutions. 

Causeway brand animation

Causeway software solutions are at work on projects large and small, at locations all around the UK and beyond, with amazing technology to help transform the commercial performance across the front line of every business. 

Our ongoing brief with the Causeway team is to create a clear voice and image to communicate what they uniquely can offer; an immeasurable depth of expertise. Creating explainer videos, marketing assets and updated online branding to communicate their cloud solutions, powerful front line intelligence and smart development tools.

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Illustrating technology

Causeway's technology is used worldwide across the construction and infrastructure industries. Their team came to us to help them communicate their many technologically complex softwares to as wide an audience as possible.

With this as our brief we created an illustrated brand language that can be used to communicate all of their services. An illustrated world that's instantly recognisable, engaging and readable across languages and industries. All while maintaining the technical level of the information. promoting their customer service and maintaining their standing in the industry

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Marketing design

As well as developing Causeway's illustrated world we have expanded their social and marketing visual language. Building clean, bold designs to use across their digital and print communications.

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Causeway Social Templates7.jpg
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