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 Lions Daily News office - Cannes 2017

Lions Daily News office - Cannes 2017



studioA is a design collective, formed in 2014 by 3 friends who wanted to build an open creative space, combining the client base and professional approach of an agency with the creative freedom of the freelance world we knew so well.

We formed studioA to bring the passion and joy we have for our work through to our clients, by building a diverse team of graphic designers, illustrators and digital creatives - all wrangled by our founding designers Sunnie and Harriet.

This team spirit and passion means we have an exciting fresh take on every project however big or small. We love nothing more than delving into the worlds of our clients’ work - no matter the project, we’re always excited to hear about the passion they have for their company, and can’t wait to translate their aspirations into powerful, long-lasting work we’re all proud of.

Have a project in mind? We know you’ve got your side covered, just get in touch and we’ll handle the rest, and make you look your best.


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